Appearance of wood flooring determines its grade. All grades are equally strong and serviceable. Oak and ash have four basic grades. Beech, Birch, and Hard Maple have three basic grades. They are:

Oak Grades

Grade Appearance Description
Clear Best Best grade, with the best appearance and most uniform color
Select Good Limited character marks and unlimited sound sap
No. 1 Common Variegated Light and dark colors. Knots, flags, wormholes, and other character marks. Character marks. Other imperfections are filled and finished.
No. 2 Common Rustic A serviceable, economical floor after knots, wormholes, checks and other imperfections are filled and finished. Red and white species may be fixed.


Beech, Birch and Hard Maple Grades

Grade Appearance Description
First Best Best grade, with the best appearance, natural color variation, limited character marks and unlimited sap.
Second Variegated Varying sound wood characteristics of species
Third Rustic All wood characteristics of species.