Oil and Wax

Vacuum floor with brush attachment as needed.

Boatright Hardwood Floors uses Dura Seal products. Dura Seal Liquid Wax and Dura Seal Paste Wax. Follow the manufacturers recommendations for using these products.

A buffer (whether rented or purchased) is recommended for maintenance with a wax-finished floor.

Don’t overwax. Re-buff and re-buff again before waxing. Spills should be wiped up promptly before they become sticky or hard. Wipe up food spills with a damp, well wrung out cloth. Dry off afterwards. If an area appears dull after a wipe up, apply a small amount of past wax to that area and machine or hand buff out.

Never pour water directly on the floor or allow water to lay directly on the surface of the floor. This can cause the wood to swell or buckle.

Oil and Wax finish require regular maintenance to maintain the beauty and durability.