Vacuum floor with a brush attachment as needed.

Boatright Hardwood Floors uses Dura Seal products. Follow the manufacturers recommendations for using these products.

A buffer (whether rented or purchased) is recommended for maintenance with an oil finished floor.

After 6 months of wear inspect your floors carefully to see if the finish looks dull or worn. If this condition exists, wipe the floor clean with a damp, well wrung our cotton cloth, dampened with water. Dry off with a clean dry cotton cloth. Next, wipe on oil finish with a small cloth dipped in the finish, well wrung out, lightly coating the floor, follow by wiping off with a clean dry cotton cloth. DO SMALL AREAS AT A TIME.

Food spills should be wiped up promptly before they become sticky or hard, using a slightly water dampened cloth. Wipe up water spills with a clean dry towel.

Oil finish requires regular maintenance to maintain the beauty and durability.