Vacuum floor with a brush attachment.

Dry mop the floor with a soft cotton cloth. When necessary it is suggested that you use Bona Swedish Formula Floor Cleaner or Squeaky Clean Floor Cleaner. These products do not need to be rinsed off nor will they leave a oily residue.

Boatright Hardwood Floors does NOT recommend:

  • Oil Soaps
  • Wax
  • Future
  • Mop-n-Glo
  • Endust
  • Vinyl floor wax
  • Pine Sol
  • Other household cleaners
  • Soap
  • Ammonia based cleaners

These tend to leave an oily residue which can make your floors very slippery. This oily residue would also prevent Boatright Hardwood Floors from screening and recoating your floors with polyurethane in the future. Polyurethane will not stick to any waxy substance.

Periodically, you may “tack-rag” (a cloth wrapped around a push broom_or wipe your floor with a thoroughly wrung out cloth that has been dipped in water only.

Cleaning urine: wipe the area with a damp rung out cloth that has been dipped into a gallon of water with ½ cup white vinegar added. Dry area afterwards.

Check high traffic pattern areas: Before the finish is worn to raw wood, have floors re-coated with polyurethane.