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Oak, Tasmanian
Eucalyptus regnans/obliqua/delegatensis

Color: Pale straw with occasional pinkish highlights, tan colors, some medium gray/brown colors; over time overall color variation is muted with an ambering of the straw colors to darker tan.

Grain: All riftsawn.

Species & Grade Variations: Even range of color shadings.


Hardness (Janka): 1350 (5% harder than Northern red oak).

Dimensional Stability: Data not available.


Sawing/Machining: Cuts easily; some splintering when routing.


Sands satisfactorily if correct sanding sequence is followed.

Suggested Sequence:

  • First Cut: 50 or 60 at a 7-15 degree angle with the grain
  • Second Cut: 60 or 80 straight with the grain
  • Third Cut: 80 or 100
  • Hard Plate: 80 or 100
  • First Screen: 80
  • Second Screen: 100 or 120

Nailing: No known problems.

Finishing: No known finishing problems.

Comments: Has been known to cause contact dermatitis.


Moderately available.

Shown with water-based finish (top), and oil-based finish (bottom)
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