Why choose a wood floor?
  • They are a unique, all natural product
  • Their beauty is unsurpassed by other floor coverings
  • Technological advances in the manufacturing of hardwood flooring and finishes have made wood a practical choice for all areas
  • They are the right choice for those with health problems aggravated by dust or mold trapped in carpets and carpet pads
  • A properly installed wood floors will last the lifetime of your home, and can be re-sanded and stained to update a decorating scheme
  • Wood floors never go out of style
  • Wood Floors can increase the property value of your home
Types of Floor

Can be sanded and restained over several generations of use.
Standard size is 3/4″ thick
Usually nailed down to install. If installing on a concrete slab, a layer of plywood must be installed first so that the solid hardwood can be nailed to it.
Expands and contracts with your home’s relative humidity.

Engineered Hardwood

Can be nailed, glued or floated.
Made from multiple cross plies of hardwood with a durable top layer.
Comes in many different thicknesses and can be as thin as 5/16 of an inch.
Low Profile: can fit under existing appliances and doors without remodeling.
Usually glued down but can be nailed or floated. Floating floor has 1/8″ layer of foam under flooring. The floor product boards are glued to each other-not glued to the foam or the slab.
More stable and less susceptible to moisture and humidity.